Recruiting or retaining

By Don Sadler The nursing shortage in the U. Half-a-million seasoned nurses are expected to retire byaccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This translates into the need for 1.

Recruiting or retaining

For instance, Borchin said one of her millennial employees recently requested a salary raise — to double the current salary — simply because the individual had completed every task given. An Industry Perspective Another panelist, millennial state employee Crystal Taylor, acknowledged that her generation can be difficult for managers to understand.

Be helpful, maintain open communication Offering help and guidance is one way for managers to create trust and loyalty with millennials. Taylor said she received updates every three days from the FTB hiring manager when she was in the application process -- practice she recommends for other agency managers who are courting millennial workers.

Hiring managers also should Recruiting or retaining preferred candidates to contact them before accepting a job elsewhere, Taylor added. Download it to me, and I can spend that two hours moving [things] forward. Set aside the perception that 10 minutes of [information] download is laziness.

Allowing them to take it forward will challenge and excite. Make work fun, challenging, exciting For millennials, work is supposed to be fun, Taylor said.

Recruiting or retaining

But as a manager, you need to provide frequent feedback to fill this need, said Erica Salinas, workforce planning analyst with the California Department of Human Resources.

Recognize the effort When managers deliver recognition, make sure you recognize the effort, not just end result. Salinas called out a Stanford University study in which two groups of children were given IQ tests.

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Children in one group were recognized for their intelligence; children in the other were recognized for their effort. Focus on the greater good Millennials are particularly keen on societal mission and contribution to the global good, so putting their work in this context inspires them, Taylor said.

Facilitate collaboration, creativity Create an environment -- both through location and culture -- for collaboration. On the culture side, managers should encourage staff members to propose alternatives and new ways of doing things, Taylor said.

Recruiting or retaining

And from a physical standpoint, agencies should create smaller interaction spaces versus a person boardroom. Offer individual recognition While collaborative approaches are meaningful, millennials still expect and want individual attribution. This is very important. She worked for the Government Technology editorial team for nearly 10 years.According to the survey, retention bonuses increased by just one percent last year, while incentive bonuses were up two percent and employee referral bonuses were up four percent.

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Taylor stresses the importance of strong perioperative leadership in hiring and retaining OR nurses. WORLD BANK WORKING PAPER NO. 99 AFRICA HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SERIES Recruiting, Retaining, and Retraining Secondary School Teachers and Principals in Sub-. The challenge that comes with digital innovations is deciding which to leverage, and how to leverage them.

Instead of launching one-off initiatives, the most successful brands are developing digital programs that are holistic, integrated and strategic. RECRUITING AND RETAINING EMPLOYEES IN A SEASONAL ENVIRONMENT November 1, Many organizations do not have the luxury of having a constant demand in their businesses.

Some companies face a large increase in business for the holiday season, summer vacation, or for a major event throughout the year.

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These predictable trends allow many businesses to hire additional . Young people can be extremely powerful and effective activists.

They bring new and fresh ideas, highly relevant information about the needs of youth, and knowledge of . ODEP - Office of Disability Employment Policy - Driving Change Creating Opportunity. Choose a Disability Employment Policy Resource by Topic Recruitment and Retention.

The goal of the hiring process should be to attract and identify the individual who has the best mix of skills and attributes for the job available. Recruitment and Retention.

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