Product design dissertations

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Product design dissertations

Net Project Reports. Net ProjectsASP. Net ProjectsC. Net Projects 1 Comment Net Auction system Auctions is an event or process where a product or goods can be sold or bought or can be bidded. For any product which is placed in the auction will be the first bid by customers looking to buy it and in the other way out it will be placed for sale by owner or admin.

Basically, in our project we will come up with an online auction system wherein the products can be added to the system and they will be provided with needed details that are needed for being placed in the bidding process.

Once a product or good is added to the system, the system will approve them via admin and then allowed for bidding.

Bids will be accepted from different customers and whoever gets the highest bid will be buying the product. Each product that has been allowed or placed for bidding will have an initial start bid price and no customer can bid a price less than that.

A specified quantity of product will also be provided. The timeframe for which a product will be open for bidding will also be provided at the time of adding the product and after that customers cannot bid for it. Auctions basically can also be like vocational process too wherein people say their prices and there will be a bidder calling the prices in an event organized specifically for certain products.

But our system will allow a secured process where transactions will be done online and final sales price for a sold product can be known only when it is done with bidding. Admin Customers Vendors Admin: Admin will approve a customer who can place bids.

He can also approve a vendor who will register the product in the application which is placed for bidding.

Product design dissertations

Admin can see all info related to bids that have been placed on any product and approve the highest bid and declare the customer who has won the bidding.

Admin is the one who will have access to admin panel. They will register themselves to place bids and purchase products. A registered customer can view his transactions and bids that he or she has placed. He or she can update his or her profile info too after getting registered. They will register and also add the products that are to be placed for bidding and then sold to a customer whoever bids the highest in bidding.

Add products will be provided with info like minimum bid price, bid end date, bid start date, a picture of the product to be bidded. The vendor will also have the option to view the bids that have been received for his or her products, the option will be there to edit the profile.

This module is the main module for this application and it is basically the heart of this system, we may need a web service for this app. As per feasibility is concerned we will have n number of customers logged in for an online bidding process.

Logged In customers are basically the registered customers who are basically approved by an admin to participate in the bidding. These options will be available for each customer whoever is logged in for bidding for a particular product.

This module is an important module wherein products will be added to the system and also be managed. Products can be added to the system via vendors.The focus of this project is to look at the issue of advertising and consumer behaviour, with particular emphasis on how consumers react to advertising.

This should give some insight into how advertising is approached in order to affect consumer behaviour. Advertising obviously works, but what makes. Net Auction system. Auctions is an event or process where a product or goods can be sold or bought or can be bidded.

For any product which is placed in the auction will be the first bid by customers looking to buy it and in the other way out it will be placed for sale by owner or admin. Orders of 10 books or less ship in only 5 days Fabric Hard Cover Fabric Hard Cover Binding with Gold Foil Lettering and Seal Get Quote or Order Printed Hard Cover Printed Hard Cover Binding Print your full color design on wrap-around Hard Cover up to 12×18 inches big Get Quote or Order Soft Cover, [ ].

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