Inspiration to write a feature lede

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Inspiration to write a feature lede

View State Champions Feature Leads The best rule in feature writing is to observe no rules, aside from those of basic journalistic style and structure.

The best lead for the feature story is a natural extension of the story - nothing forced or contrived without consideration to the tone or subject of the story. More bluntly stated, the best lead is the lead that is relevant, grabs the reader's attention and fits the mood of the story.

The following are novelty leads. They should be used with caution and never forced to fit a story.

inspiration to write a feature lede

When a novelty lead serves the purpose of grabbing the reader and holding his attention while establishing the tone of the story, it should be used without reservation. Relates a person or event to some character or event in literature.

To have been ordered into battle to attack a group of windmills with horse and lance would have seemed to Joe Robinson no more strange an assignment than the one given to him Thursday by Miss Vera Newton.

The literary allusion is to Don Quixote. Relates a person or event to some character or event in history. Napoleon had his Waterloo. George Custer had his Little Big Horn. Fortunately, Napoleon and Custer faced defeat only once. For Bjorn Borg, the finals of the U. Tennis Open have become a stumbling block of titanic proportions.

Astride a six-foot log, he chopped his way across the ice-bogged river yesterday. Compares extremes - the big with the little, the comedy with the tragedy, age with youth, rich and poor - if such comparison is applicable to the news event.

He controls a handful of corporations, operating in more than 20 nations. Yet he carries his lunch to work in a brown paper bag and wears the latest fashions from Sears and Roebuck's bargain basement.

A novelty that uses a pun to quirk the reader's attention. Western High's trash collectors have been down in the dumps lately. Site The road to Nsukka in eastern Nigeria is rutted and crumpled, the aging asphalt torn like ragged strips of tar paper.

In the midday heat, diesel trucks hauling cassava and market women to the next town kick up clouds of fine yellow-orange dust that lingers in the air.

Strings of one-story cement buildings in dull pastels with brooding eaves hug the roadside here and there marking small pinpoints of commerce; hand-lettered signs proclaim the "Decency Food Canteen," "God's Time Hotel," "Praise the Lord Watch Repairers.

Person Diana Ross is wearing no lipstick. She is lounging around on a hot and muggy late afternoon. The windows are raised high throughout her Fifth Avenue apartment. She is dressed in black short shorts and a matching sleeveless blouse that plunges low in the front.

She is also wearing fishnet stockings and burgundy suede boots. Three or four bracelets jangle on her left wrist. Her long nails are the color of pearl, nearly iridescent. She curls up in a corner of the sofa and sips orange juice through her unpainted lips.

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She is 37 years old, divorced, the mother of three children, who this afternoon are out at the country house in Connecticut. Diana Ross is in town to attend to business: She is, by her own assessment, entering a new phase of self-determination.

She thinks of her career in terms of "cycles": She leans back and puts her hand to her forehead. I was really a pampered, chaperoned, protected teenager - all the way through my twenties.

I'm just now beginning to take on responsibility. I finally know it's not healthy to be pampered. Event The air inside the darkened gymnasium is heavy with the heat of an uncommonly prolonged North Carolina summer. Smoke from some tin containers placed around the basketball court lends a touch of mystery to the scene.

The thick smoke rolls into the intense light of floor-level arc lamps, then up against a raft of lights hovering like a Steven Spielberg spaceship. Out of the dark, a white-clad figure appears, bounding a basketball.The Lead of a feature story can be used to sum up the iridis-photo-restoration.comg as an art at times need a creative writer who can be manipulative, cunning and at the same time embellish his or her words using rhetoric, connotative and emphatic words which can cause the reader to smile, wryly, shade tears, click the tongue and perhaps drove into a felicity mood.

Jan 27,  · Pulitzer Prizes: Feature Writing Activity | Tell students that they will now read a few profiles to get a better feel for them, in preparation to write their own. Give students some sample Times profiles to use as models.

Tech News and Journalism: How can I write a feature-length article about a startup company without making it read like a glorified press release? This format is usually just an anecdotal lede, but you can use it to create a chronological structure for the entire story.

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Writing a lede that sounds like a note to your editor telling him/her what you’re going to write about. Read your lede. Is it a lede, the real start of the article? Or is it a note you might have written for planning purposes? Drill down to what matters in your lede: What the story is .

Leads, Nut Grafs, Bodies, Ends, Headlines: Feature leads, like other parts of articles, vary in length according to the size of the overall article, but their purpose remains the same: They are to give the reader a sense of what the article is about, establish a mood, and entice the reader to march on.

Write tightly, but do not neglect. Magazine and Feature Writing is a course that teaches students how to write long-form feature articles, which (should) lure readers in page-by-page, unfolding the magic of strong storytelling and skilled writing.

A good lead is everything — here’s how to write one | NPR Training