Examples of distorted feedback

Electric Drives - Motor Controllers and Control Systems Description and Applications Purpose For many years the motor controller was a box which provided the motor speed control and enabled the motor to adapt to variations in the load. Designs were often lossy or they provided only crude increments in the parameters controlled. Modern controllers may incorporate both power electronics and microprocessors enabling the control box to take on many more tasks and to carry them out with greater precision.

Examples of distorted feedback

Thus depending on the feedback, state changes can be convergent, or divergent. The result of positive feedback is to augment changes, so that small perturbations may result in big changes. A system in equilibrium in which there is positive feedback to any change from its current state may be unstable, in which case the system is said to be in an unstable equilibrium.

The magnitude of the forces that act to move such a system away from its equilibrium are an increasing function of the "distance" of the state from the equilibrium. Positive feedback does not necessarily imply instability of an equilibrium, for example stable on and off states may exist in positive-feedback architectures.

Hysteresis Hysteresis causes the output value to depend on the history of the input In a Schmitt trigger circuit, feedback to the non-inverting input of an amplifier pushes the output directly away from the applied voltage towards the maximum or minimum voltage the amplifier can generate.

In the real world, positive feedback loops typically do not cause ever-increasing growth, but are modified by limiting effects of some sort.

According to Donella Meadows: A system Examples of distorted feedback an unchecked positive loop ultimately will destroy itself. Usually a negative loop will kick in sooner or later.

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When the gain of the feedback loop is above 1, then the output moves away from the input: Once it reaches the limit, it will be stable.

However, if the input goes past the limit,[ clarification needed ] then the feedback will change sign[ dubious — discuss ] and the output will move in the opposite direction until it hits the opposite limit.

The system therefore shows bistable behaviour. Terminology[ edit ] The terms positive and negative were first applied to feedback before World War II. The idea of positive feedback was already current in the s with the introduction of the regenerative circuit.

Black had trouble convincing others of the utility of his invention in part because confusion existed over basic matters of definition. Due to the controlled use of positive feedback, sufficient amplification can be derived from a single vacuum tube or valve centre. Regenerative circuits were invented and patented in [14] for the amplification and reception of very weak radio signals.

Carefully controlled positive feedback around a single transistor amplifier can multiply its gain by 1, or more. The problem with regenerative amplifiers working at these very high gains is that they easily become unstable and start to oscillate. The radio operator has to be prepared to tweak the amount of feedback fairly continuously for good reception.

Modern radio receivers use the superheterodyne design, with many more amplification stages, but much more stable operation and no positive feedback. The oscillation that can break out in a regenerative radio circuit is used in electronic oscillators.

Examples of distorted feedback

By the use of tuned circuits or a piezoelectric crystal commonly quartzthe signal that is amplified by the positive feedback remains linear and sinusoidal. There are several designs for such harmonic oscillatorsincluding the Armstrong oscillatorHartley oscillatorColpitts oscillatorand the Wien bridge oscillator.

They all use positive feedback to create oscillations. This reduces their gain, but improves their linearity, input impedanceoutput impedanceand bandwidthand stabilises all of these parameters, including the closed-loop gain.

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These parameters also become less dependent on the details of the amplifying device itself, and more dependent on the feedback components, which are less likely to vary with manufacturing tolerance, age and temperature.

The difference between positive and negative feedback for AC signals is one of phase: One problem for amplifier designers who use negative feedback is that some of the components of the circuit will introduce phase shift in the feedback path. If the loop gain the product of the amplifier gain and the extent of the positive feedback at any frequency is greater than one, then the amplifier will oscillate at that frequency Barkhausen stability criterion.

Marxism | History, Ideology, & Examples | iridis-photo-restoration.com This behavior is called the gain—bandwidth tradeoff. Multiple poles[ edit ] When the open-loop gain has several poles, rather than the single pole of the above example, feedback can result in complex poles real and imaginary parts.
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Such oscillations are sometimes called parasitic oscillations. An amplifier that is stable in one set of conditions can break into parasitic oscillation in another. This may be due to changes in temperature, supply voltage, adjustment of front-panel controls, or even the proximity of a person or other conductive item.

Amplifiers may oscillate gently in ways that are hard to detect without an oscilloscopeor the oscillations may be so extensive that only a very distorted or no required signal at all gets through, or that damage occurs.Negative feedback has an important role in helping prevent frequency distortion.

As the worked example in Module illustrates, applying NFB keeps the closed loop gain at a constant level for even large changes in open loop gain.

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The result will be that the top half of the video is mirrored onto the bottom half of the output video. Filters in the same linear chain are separated by commas, and distinct linear chains of filters are separated by semicolons.

Electric Drives - Motor Controllers and Control Systems (Description and Applications) Purpose. For many years the motor controller was a box which provided the motor speed control and enabled the motor to adapt to variations in the load.

Examples of distorted feedback

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Examples Of Distorted Feedback.

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