Delta airlines target market

Generally they would be older consumers, perhaps retirees, who have the time and money to holiday quite frequently. Because they are experienced travelers, they are likely to be loyal to a small number of airlines, depending upon their final destination. They would seek some comforts of travel and probably would not choose an airline simply based on price. They would be less likely to research airlines as well, as they are very experienced consumers in terms of airline travel.

Delta airlines target market

Delta is the world's largest airline operating under a single certificate, operating flights on six continents across the globe. Delta and its subsidiary Delta Connection operate over 4, flights every day. It has been the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic and number of landings and take-offs sinceserving 88 million passengers per year.

Delta is a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance.

Jan 20,  · Delta Air Lines Inc. will rely on partnerships with China Eastern Airlines Corp. and Jet Airways India Ltd. to improve connectivity to Asia’s largest economies, a senior executive for the region. Delta's New Jets Target American and Southwest. With the purchase of at least 75 new Bombardier aircraft, Delta Airlines appears to be stepping up competition in the home market of American and Southwest airlines. The new American Airlines will have a 26% market share followed by United at %, Delta at %, Southwest at %, and other airlines compromising the remaining % of the market 2.

On October 29,Delta completed its merger with Northwest Airlines to form the world's largest commercial carrier. In Februarythe airline began consolidating gates and ticket counters at airports where both Delta and Northwest operate.

Delta airlines target market

The consolidation was completed February In this, the major findings of the research shows that visitors are first time visitors with only people who came for the second or third time.

This shows that the re-visit percentage for HK Disneyland is extremely low. Among the 1, visitors, more than half of them came from China. And the reasons for visiting is because the visit is pre-scheduled or tour package inclusive.

Most of the respondents have no knowledge or even never heard names and the characters of Disneyland. It has been revealed that the main reason why local residents wanted to visit the park is because of the interest of their children. The feedback on the questionnaire have shown that most visitors have noted that the ticket and the restaurant prices are too costly, In terms of attractiveness, souvenirs, rides and environments and services, the overall rating from the visitors are negative, except on the show performance and parade.

Most of the visitors have been hesitant in recommending the park to their friends, and are wondering if they will be visiting again in the future or rather visit other Disneyland in other nations. The visitors have noted that their main concerns in the theme park is to add more facilities which will give benefits to their kids.

Such kind of date is very essential for the marketing department to have better strategies. Thus, the following marketing measures will be recommended to Senior Management for consideration: Further, the management can also consider the sponsorship of some Children program.

This is to help Chinese people in recognizing Disney characters and enhance their interests to seem them live. In addition, more print ads, and visual media advertisements and promotions can also be considered.

For local Hong Kong residents, majority of the visitors have considered that the price of the ticket are too high, hence this should be considered to have some promotional approaches to provide discounted tickets for the Hong Kong people, like free visit for birthday boys and girls on their birth month excluding their family members.

In this way, the revenue and sales can be boosted. IN addition, another discount can be given to birthday boys and girls if they choose to celebrate at all Disneyland restaurants.In a report released today, Michael Derchin from Imperial Capital maintained a Buy rating on Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL), with a price target of $ The company's shares closed yesterday at $ Selected Marketing Strategy Our strategy is to improve the quality of the flight.

We want to make the airline more affordable and comfortable. Our target market is focused on leisure travelers since our business travelers are satisfied.

Delta airlines target market

Product Brand Name: Delta Airlines Quality: Good standard of quality, but we would like to improve it even more. The new American Airlines will have a 26% market share followed by United at %, Delta at %, Southwest at %, and other airlines compromising the remaining % of the market 2.

This case appears in the May edition of the Airline Marketing Benchmark, a monthly report by and Simpliflying that identifies the latest innovative marketing campaigns recently launched by airlines around the world.

Delta also segments its markets into the three market segments and continues to serve its different market segments with excellent service and this is Phrase Three in what Tedlow comes up with. Nov 30,  · Traditional airlines (Delta, United, and American) segment the market into two major segments, one profitable (Business Travelers) and one unprofitable (Leisure Travelers).

These two segments can further be broken down by average length of trip, frequency of .

Airline Industry: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning