A specification of food manufacture

One of the most important product related documents is the product specification. This document contains a detailed description of the product, all the requirements related to the production process as well as technical and fonctional aspects of the product. A product specification document can be released for any kind of product, from the raw materials raw material specifications to the machine parts or the packaging goods.

A specification of food manufacture

Robin Amsbary Raw materials ingredients, processing aids, and packaging materials are the foundation of finished food products. As such, they must meet regulatory requirements safe and legal for your intended use and your specifications contribute to the functionality and quality of your process and product.

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Historically, research and development worked alone when selecting a new raw material. But now A specification of food manufacture broad team of expertise is needed, due to increased access to unique and complex materials, global sourcing, handling methods, customer locations, and regulations.

The team assesses if the material has limitations or may be too costly to handle, and determines if additional measures are necessary to prevent potential safety issues for the employees and product. Traditional Roles A description of team responsibilities helps in the understanding of the diverse expertise needed to identify key raw material characteristics.

Functionality can encompass multiple areas, such as providing identified characteristics of the finished product binders, thickeners, type of resin for plastic packaging, etc.

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Considerations in Selection Is there a raw material already in use that has the same or similar characteristics? List of existing approved materials and their specifications. Is this a raw agricultural item, commodity item, or one that has a standard of identity?

Develop a general specification that can be used between multiple potential suppliers. What are the limitations on the use of the raw material? Use has been limited to specific products. Limitations or ban on the use, such as genetically modified materials for organic products.

A specification of food manufacture

Supplier technical information, regulations for the country of sale, e. Does the raw material meet existing company or customer standards e.

Company standards, customer requirements, supplier technical information, supplier-provided certificates. These examples of questions to be answered and the method for initiating discussions before, during, and after the trials will help facilitate the trial process.

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OSHA Considerations Does the new material present a potential safety or handling concern to the employees or the facility such as a flammable material or an irritating powder that needs venting? Are there additional reporting requirements? Food Defense Considerations Are there potential toxic levels of the raw material?

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Manufacturing specification Quality control requirements, acceptance samplinginspections, acceptance criteria Person, office, or agency responsible for enforcement of the specification.

If so, how is potential purposeful abuse handled? Product Safety Considerations Find historic information about the material via search engines e. Determine if existing product safety measures are circumnavigated e.

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Are additional processing steps necessary e. Do new programs or procedures need to be developed e. Facility and Equipment Capabilities Can the plant appropriately handle the material e.

Is the existing equipment capable of handling the material e. Will additional rotation controls be necessary for short shelf-life materials and will there be additional costs affiliated with more frequent delivery?

Post-Trial Discussions Flexibility in sourcing and cost Is the material a commodity-type item that can be purchased from multiple sources? Can the tolerances for characteristics be expanded to be able to purchase from more than one source or a wider range of possible, existing materials such as granulation size for materials that are going to be dissolved or melted?Unit F2L5 04 () Develop Product Specifications in Food Manufacture Unit Summary This Unit is about developing and agreeing final specifications in a food and drink manufacturing.

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A functional specification is a kind of requirement specification, and may show functional block diagrams. [ citation needed ] A design or product specification describes the features of the solutions for the Requirement Specification, referring to either a designed solution or final produced solution.

Sep 27,  · Manufacturer - Makes by chemical, physical, biological, or other procedures, any article that meets the definition of "device" in Section (h) of . Refers to the range of specialized food products and supplements that provide varying levels of energy, micronutrients, and macronutrients necessary for growth and health in order to prevent or treat undernutrition.

When indicated as a requirement on the Amway specification, a hardcopy C of C is required to accompany every lot of non-consumable items shipped to Amway, and should be included with the shipment. Microsoft Word - Certificate of Conformance- Manufacture iridis-photo-restoration.com

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