A short history of the bicycle

Football originated in Zibo, Shandong province and was originally called "cuju" in ancient China.

A short history of the bicycle

Doug Barnes; Bicycle in Bicycle Heaven Museum, Pittsburgh Today, when building and truing wheels we are standing on the shoulders of past bicycle inventors.

A short history of the bicycle | CYCLE UNIVERSITY

The discovery of the wheel was necessary before anyone could think about riding on two wheels. Today's modern bicycle owes its existence to inventors who started making and changing bicycles about years ago.

The early inventors were not mechanical engineers or physicists. They were more like tinkerers, figuring out how things work and trying to find ways to improve them.

A short history of the bicycle

But even they started out with wheels that had been around for centuries. Ancient Times The invention of the wheel is often referred an event that changed history.

If that actually was the case, the innovation changed history a very long time ago. Historians estimate that the first vehicle wheel originated in Mesopotamia around 3, BC.

The spoked wheel on a horse drawn chariot would eventually modernize warfare in around BC. Bauer invented the tensioned wire spoke wheel about 50 years before the invention of the bicycle. This is often an underappreciated aspect of bicycle history.

The tension-spoked wheel would eventually would become a way to reduce the weight of wheel. Several modifications would be necessary before this innovation found its way into the precursor of the modern bicycle wheel. Doug Barnes The innovation did really take hold right away. The popular pedal powered bicycles was not invented until the early s.

Riding such bicycles weighing over 65 pounds with wooden wheels and spokes must have been quite a challenge. The tires on these bicycles were nothing more than metal tacked onto a wooden rim. No wonder such classic bikes of this era were called "Bone Shakers.

Doug Barnes Despite the earlier innovations, the spoke wheel did not revolutionize the bicycle industry until the midth Century.

A Short History of the Bicycle Wheel - Doug Barnes

Herlihy in his book Bicycle: The History indicates that "Eugene Meyer of Paris Meyers' own wire-wheel bicycles weighed just forty four pounds, easily twenty five pounds lighter than a standard velocipede with wooden wheels.

James Starley an inventor in the United Kingdom was the first to patent the tangent spoke designed wheel in Grace's Guide to British Industrial History For his invention the spokes ran as a tangent to the hub, crossed each other and were laced to improve strength.

This design was repeated on both sides of the rim. Today this inventions is still the basis of wheel design. A slightly modified version of this tangent spoke design is the key to the stiffness and durability of everyday bicycle of wheels.

The tangent spoke is still in use today. It is the key to making bicycle wheels lighter and improving their strength for withstanding bumps and potholes.

Doug Barnes The next major invention to influence the development of the bicycle wheel was the pneumatic tire.Bicycle Safety Tips The History of Bicycles An Abridged Timeline. Bicycles have a fairly varied history. They've been around for almost two hundred years now, and they have evolved significantly during that time.

The first bicycles were built completely different and were not nearly as comfortable as now. In the below timeline, I have.

By: Heather Nielson Did you know that the first verifiable ‘bicycle machine’ was invented in by the German Baron Karl von Drais, commonly called a Velocipede. The era after the invention of the first bicycle saw the first Tri and Quadcycles in the late ’s before the 2-wheeler came back into popularity in the [ ].

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A short history of the bicycle

A short history of bicycles in China by Terhi Mikkolainen Mar 21, LIFESTYLE At the end of the 19th century, the only people who used bicycles in .

History. Wooden draisine (around ), the first two-wheeler and as such or indirectly by leaning the bicycle. Short-wheelbase or tall bicycles, when braking, can generate enough stopping force at the front wheel to flip longitudinally.

The. A Short History of the Bicycle Coaster Brake The coaster brake has been in constant use on bicycles for over a century, but it seems to get no respect. Compared to other bicycle components such as wheels, derailleurs, shifters, rims or tires, the bicycling community does not pay much attention to coaster brakes.

A short history of bicycles in China