A clockwork orange research paper

This novel has a very direct nature, and is often blunt to the point of offense, but this makes it more powerful and helps to further its point. This point is that everyone is out for themselves, whether they be the police, government or citizens of this society. In this book, the police can be just as violent as Alex and his droogs, or gang.

A clockwork orange research paper

He and his fellow droogs Pete, Dim, and Georgie do every single horrendous thing possible: After a whole mist of chaos, his three droogs betray him and Alex is sent to prison for fourteen years.

In the prison, Alex meets a chaplain and the chaplain allows him to read the Bible and listen to classical music, for Alex loved classical music before he went to prison.

Essay on A Clockwork Orange. Research Paper on A Clockwork Orange- The Book or the Movie

When he was in prison, he was intrigued with the Bible simply because of all of the drinking, sex, and violence that was told in it. After two years, Alex is released from prison since he has already transformed from a vicious thug to a helpless young man.

A clockwork orange research paper

He also realizes that he is defenseless because Dim and his enemy from the past, Billyboy, are now policemen and take every chance to attack him since he cannot do anything back to them. Finally, the novel ends when the government turns him back into the person he was before because a man named F.

Alex is the leader of his gang that includes Dim, Georgie, and Pete. At night, they feel that they rule the streets. This is evident because most of the incidents, if not all, take place in the night, such as the raping of F. Alex seems to be programmed to rob people and rape women, since he does it so automatically.

Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones.

A Clockwork Orange - Research Paper Example

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But they were both very very drunken and could hardly feel very much. The way Alex is with raping women and other crimes is almost as if it were like weed to an addict: You feel the urge to have it even if the urge is not really there.

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I believe this is so because what Alex does is so automatic:The Literary Merit of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange and Exploring Reasons Why it Was Banned - There are many books that have been banned or challenged, but the one that is being presented in this paper is Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange.

A Clockwork Orange is a novel by Anthony Burgess, a psychological drama, published in The novel is based on a landmark event Burgess own life, his wife was raped by deserters GIs during World War II.

The novel was adapted to film by Stanley Kubrick in under the title A Clockwork Orange. This is the second output from the Parallel Translation Corpus of 'A Clockwork Orange' project, in which we identify how Nadsat functions and why glossaries don't work.

Presented at Coventry University, rm GE, 25th November, , 2pm-3pm. This paper explores the use of location shooting to represent the dystopian city in Stanley Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange ().

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Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange and Kubrick’s adaptation have garnered a reputation for extreme violence, appearing regularly on lists of ‘banned’ works and being implicated in ‘copycat crimes’. This paper traces the development of this reputation.

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